Spicy Chicken Wings – Recipe With Philips Airfryer

30 Sep 2014

Spicy Chicken Wings are just extraordinaire, juicy snack for any occasion. Easy to cook and fast to prepare using very little oil or no oil, the chicken wings are brilliantly cooked in the Airfryer loaded with exceptional sweet, spicy and tangy flavors. The sweetness from the tomato ketchup and kick that comes from using the spicy marinade should be awesome to dribble your taste buds. The chicken wings are nicely engulfed with the sauce that offers an amazing caramelized flavor and shine around. Cooking in an Airfryer is the latest revolution and boon for most us as it requires very little oil, cooks in just few minutes, allowing you to make a variety of yummy dishes in hot-air ‘air-fry’, is healthy and nutritious and you get a less fattening food in no time. You can make umpteen dishes right from a simple salty potato fingers, grilling or roasting meats or baking mouth-watering cakes and muffins. You can also prepare yummy air fried snacks that will make your family and kids saliva...