Street Style Aloo Samosa

18 Oct 2014

Street Style Aloo Samosa is an awesome and crusty deep fried snack, crispy pastry with spicy and zesty potato savory filling. This is a very popular snack made with mix of boiled, mashed aloo/potato and spices combined together with little citric acid to give a punch in the taste. The outer casing is crispy and crunchy on bite while inside the taste enlightens the palate with its yummy stuffing. Generally the street side vendors prepare the stuffing in the morning and sell the deep fried snack in the evening. The citric acid in the stuffing is the key element that keeps the stuffing fresh and delicious and enhances the taste too. This variety of samosa is one of the common and trendy snack eaten by the young and old especially college students, office-goers etc. It is one of the best take-away snacks that many of us prefer to grab to satisfy our hunger pangs or relish during a stroll in the evening at the garden. It is an easy to prepare and refreshing dish that you would surely ...